Irresistible bare bottoms to spank

Age: 34
Weight: 167
Height: 47
Size: 3
Every day the defeated regent would be brought from the dungeons, naked but for her chains and her chastity belt.
I went back to read that last entry in full, it seemed the author and two of her friends had borrowed horses without permission, and gallivanted into the countryside. She was a tall, athletic girl with lithe legs and perfectly pert buttocks, toned through her love of running. I felt a large warm hand pull one of my bottom cheeks to the side, and then the cool hard ginger root being rubbed between my sticky lips. Alice turned from facing the wall and edged slowly towards where her headmistress was standing, beside a little raised plinth.
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Irresistible bare bottoms to spank

Age: 34
Weight: 172
Height: 51
Size: 4
I reckon my bottom stung as fiercely as after my caning, but dignity demanded I control myself, and not reach back and rub myself childishly. A video game perhaps, before the lure of playing with another kind of joystick became too strong. My bum is so sore, Miss, you caned me so hard.
A secret assignation no doubt, probably to suck off some dashing young grenadier, or whatever horny European countesses went for these days. It was the symbol of her authority, and also her means of dispensing her justice. But as I sat squirming on my hot stinging cheeks, I was earnestly hoping my example would lead to at least half the room sharing the same fate tonight. Then she approached me, placing a finger underneath my chin, and raising my face so she could look down at me. I saw myself standing in line, with several young women who I just knew were my own close friends. Sometimes tiny decisions change the course of your life.
Pfff Great, no offense for those sexy ladies but I wish it were Asian girls my taste if so I would cum 13 times in those 13 minutes. Irresistible bare bottoms to spank. Puzzled, I raised an eyebrow at Ruth. First, he fetches Irresistible bare bottoms to spank jug and pours icy cold water over Andrew's tight briefs to make sure his bottom is dripping wet. Trim and pretty and achingly feminine, Lara was forced to accept the inevitability of her punishment: She pushed her ass up more, taking him a little deeper inside her, the pain fading from her buttocks and thighs. He describes himself as a "pain slut" and has been spanked hard Irresistible bare bottoms to spank the past, but not as often as he'd like.
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