How Long Do Siamese Cats Live On Average

How Long Do Siamese Cats Live On Average

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13 sleek facts siamese cats | mental floss, As their name suggests, siamese cats are descended from felines born in siam, or modern-day thailand. no one quite knows how the sleek feline made its way to american shores during the late 19 th century. however, thanks to its sociable nature, lithe body, and dark-tipped creamy coat, the siamese.

Colourpointed cats – siamese, balinese, javanese, singhalese, Breakthrough tabby pattern in colourpoints. cats born of siamese parents sometimes have a tabby/spotted pattern breaking through so strongly that the cat appears to be a tabby/spotted oriental or a tabby/spotted sepia (burmese) pattern..

What average lifespan common cat?, Cats can live a long time. the average lifespan of a cat is about 15 years, so they often outlive most of our pet dogs. a teenage cat, or even one in their twenties, is not uncommon to see, but many factors can play a role in determining how long your cat might live..

List cat breeds, types cats. breeds descriptions, The persian cat and siamese cat are the commoner breeds found all over the world. persians being the oldest cat breed are often not pedigreed and these types of cats are referred to as domestic long hairs..

Cat – wikipedia, The domestic cat (felis silvestris catus or felis catus) is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal.they are often called house cats when kept as indoor pets or simply cats when there is no need to distinguish them from other felids and felines..

Home [], The australian national cats inc (ancats) is a unique organisation responsive to the needs of all cats, their owners, breeder and exhibitors. come visit anytime as a member or guest to find information on how to care for your cat, upcoming cat shows, join us, and visit our breeders, national partners and supporters..

Average lifespan ragdoll cat – floppycats, Rags on patio 2008 how long does a ragdoll cat live? when my childhood ragdoll cat, rags, was around 14 years old, i remember googling what the average lifespan of a ragdoll cat was..

100 favorite cats – writers free reference, This is a list of the 100 favorite cat breeds.